Talk to us before you go!

There are a number of reasons that you as a SA public sector employee may take Leave Without Pay (LWOP). These may include:

  • maternity or parenting leave
  • extended study leave
  • overseas holidays
  • secondment to another employer
  • overseas aid programs.

Keep us in the loop

Remember when taking maternity or extended leave your super and insurance cover may be affected.

It's important to tell Super SA that you're taking Leave Without Pay (LWOP) even if you decide not to continue making member contributions during your period of leave.

We can talk you through your options and help you avoid any surprises when you return to work.

What do I need to do before going on LWOP?

1. Download the Leave Without Pay fact sheet and Leave Without Pay form for your scheme from the Super SA website

2. Talk to us about the options for your insurance and contributions while you're on leave

3. Complete the Leave Without Pay form to tell us what you'd like to do about your super while you’re on leave. Send this completed form to your payroll office.