Total and Permanent Disablement claims

How to claim:

In the event that your claim for total and permanent disablement is approved by Super SA, you will be paid an entitlement equal to the sum of your Flexible Rollover Product account and the total value of your insurance units.

To make a claim you must:

  • have worked an average of 20 hours or more per week for the 12 months immediately preceding your date of incapacity. This must be confirmed by your employer.
  • be under 70 on the date you last worked1
  • satisfy the Super SA Board that you have a permanent incapacity that aligns with the product’s definition of permanent disablement in the Regulations.
  • have your employment terminated on the grounds of total and permanent disablement
  • provide details of your condition
  • provide medical reports completed by your Medical Practitioner and a Specialist Medical Practitioner.


You can estimate the insurance component of your entitlement by logging into the secure member portal.

Finding the current value of your insurance 

  • Click on Flexible Rollover Product under Account Information
  • This will take you to the My Account Summary page
  • Scroll down and click on the + sign next to the heading Insurance Summary
  • Your insurance amount will be displayed


Once we’ve received your claim form, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete the claims process. The time taken to assess your claim depends on the condition/s you have and the information that is available.

Super SA will let you know of the progress of your claim along the way.

1 Or under 65 on the date you last worked in the Fixed Death and TPD  Insurance product. 

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