Investment objective: The Socially Responsible option provides investors with risk and return characteristics likely to be similar to that of an industry growth fund.1

It is likely that a negative return might be expected to occur between four and six years in 20.

The option invests in line with the socially responsible investment criteria established by the underlying fund manager, AMP Capital.3  The AMP Capital website has additional information on the target manager allocations and portfolio holdings. Super SA’s other options invest in funds managed by Funds SA.


Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation
Asset %  Range %
Australian Equities 25 15-40
International Equities 33 15-40
Property 9 0-20
Alternatives 6 0-13
Fixed Interest 25 0-45
Cash 2 0-20



Rates of returns to 30 September 20192
Investment Option 1 mth 3 mths FYTD 1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years
  % % % % % p.a. % p.a. % p.a.
Socially Responsible 1.23 2.46 2.46 7.84 9.19 7.87 7.92

Returns greater than one year have been annualised.

Yearly rates of return net of investment fees to 30 June

Year Socially Responsible~
2018-19 8.06%
2017-18 10.24%
2016-17 8.86%
2015-16 0.70%
2014-15 10.74%
2013-14 13.87%
2012-13 19.68%
2011-12 -0.01%
2010-11 8.74%
2009-10 9.30%

~Option introduced on 1 March 2009.

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Download the Socially Responsible Investment Option Fact Sheet.


1 Investment objectives state what each option aims to achieve. They are designed to help members with their investment decisions. The objectives have been developed having regard for the long term performance and characteristics of financial markets and taking into account expert advice provided by specialist investment advisor, JANA. There is no guarantee, however, that the objectives will be met. This is because financial markets are volatile and future returns may vary from past returns. Indeed, for funds with exposure to growth assets there is a material likelihood that returns may be negative in any particular year.

2 Net of investment fees

3 The use of socially responsible investment criteria in the construction of an investment portfolio may not necessarily result in higher investment returns.