You get the ball rolling and we'll help sort your super.

We've got a new, no fuss way of rolling in super from other funds.

Rolling in super from other funds means you'll only be paying one set of fees and you'll have more money to invest. And there'll be less paperwork with only one statement per year - so you'll be saving trees and hassle.

  • To roll in super from another fund or funds complete one Easy Roll In Form for each super account you want to roll in.
  • Send your form(s) to Super SA and we will organise the transfer with your other super fund(s).
  • We will follow up with the other fund(s) and when we receive the roll in, we’ll write and let you know.

We don’t charge any fees for rolling your super into the Pension Scheme, however you should first contact your other fund to find out if they charge any exit or termination fees that will reduce your roll in amount. Make sure to check if you’ll be losing any other benefits, like insurance, before deciding to consolidate.

While you’re rolling in your super it’s a great time to make sure that you don’t have any lost super.

Super that you roll in from other funds will be deposited into your Rollover Account.

It’s important you are aware that you can’t access your Rollover Account, including non-preserved amounts, while you're working in the SA public sector. When you leave the SA public sector, your Rollover Account can be paid to you subject to Commonwealth preservation rules.

As an exempt public sector scheme the Pension Scheme does not have a SPIN or SFN.
Please quote the scheme's USI (Unique Super Identifier) of 27987187927001.