Yearly rates of return

Rates of return give you a recent and longer term perspective of how each investment option has performed and although it’s not a reliable indicator of future performance, an understanding of past performance can help when analysing your investment options.

Analyse returns in relation to the performance of the market as a whole to get the big picture.

Super SA Select yearly rates of return less fees to 30 June 2020

Year Balanced Cash
2019-20 -0.4% 0.8%
2018-19 7.06% 1.71%
2017-18 7.76% 1.59%
2016-17 9.5% 1.6%
2015-16 3.3% 1.9%
2014-15 8.1% 2.3%
2013-14 11.5% 2.4%
2012-13* 4.9% 1.3%

*Super SA Select commenced on 1 January 2013

Super SA Select is a taxed fund and reports its investment earnings after tax.

Please note, these returns may differ from that reported by Funds SA due to differential year end cut off timeframe.