Ways to pay

Triple S members


BPAY is an easy and convenient way to make one-off contributions

If you are a Triple S member you'll need the following details when making your payment:

  • Triple S Biller Code: 465104
  • Customer Reference Number: Available in the online member portal or contact Super SA on
    1300 369 315

Please note: you must use the Triple S Biller Code if you are a Triple S member.


By making a contribution to your Triple S account, with Biller Code 465104, you may be entitled to
a Government Co-contribution.

If you would like to make a contribution into an existing Triple S Spouse Account that you have opened for your spouse, you'll need the following details when making your payment:

  • Super SA Biller Code: 31583
  • Customer Reference Number: Your spouse will need to provide their Customer Reference Number

By contributing to your spouse's account with Biller Code 31583 you may be entitled to the spouse tax offset of up to $540. Contact the Australian Tax Office for further information.

These spouse contributions do not count towards the Government Co-contribution.

Cash, Cheque or Money Order

Super SA no longer accepts cash payments or payments by cheque or money order.

Keep in mind that it may take a few days for your bank to process your payment and for it to be credited to your super account. This applies to all payment options so be sure to allow ample time for processing if you are trying to meet a deadline.