Income Protection claims

How to claim:

Triple S Income Protection (IP) Insurance provides you with a fortnightly income of up to 75% of your notional salary1 , plus a 9.5% Contribution Replacement Benefit (CRB)2 paid into your Triple S account, for up to 24 months or to age 65, whichever occurs first.3

For casual employees, notional salary is the superannuation salary averaged over a period of up to three years, prior to incapacity.

Once you are receiving IP Insurance payments, your notional salary will increase every six months, in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) All Ordinaries Adelaide.

Your notional salary may be subject to the Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL) and Maximum Salary Cap.


To be eligible to claim IP Insurance payments you must meet the criteria stipulated in the legislation. The main points express that you:

– must have cover

– must be temporarily or permanently incapacitated for work

– must be aged under 65

– must still be employed within the SA public sector

– must lodge your claim within six months of ceasing to be engaged in employment due to illness or temporary disablement (the day you last physically went to work) or within six months of ceasing workers compensation payments, or specified paid leave entitlements if taken immediately following incapacity

– must have been off work due to incapacity for the waiting period (ie 30 or 90 days)

– cannot be receiving compensation under the Return to Work Act

– cannot be receiving annual leave, long service, sick leave payments or other paid leave

– must provide details of your condition

– must provide a medical report completed by at least one of your Medical Practitioners.

You don’t need to use all your sick leave entitlements before making a claim but remember that sick leave is paid at 100% of your salary while Income Protection only provides you with 75% of your salary plus a 9.5% Contribution Replacement Benefit paid into your super (for incapacities after 3 September 2018).


Waiting period

  • The default waiting period for Triple S IP Insurance is 30 calendar days but you can change to a 90 day waiting period.
  • You can lodge your claim before the waiting period ends but you will not be eligible to receive IP Insurance payments until your waiting period of either 30 or 90 calendar days has elapsed.
  • The waiting period begins from the later of your last day of work or the start of your incapacity.
  • During the waiting period you can use sick leave, or other forms of paid/unpaid leave.


Making a claim

Should you wish to make a claim we recommend you start by downloading the Income Protection - making a claim kit.

The kit has the information and forms you need to get your claim underway.

1 Notional salary is the salary used to calculate IP Insurance benefits. For full-time and part-time employees, this is the salary they were receiving immediately prior to being incapacitated.

2 The CRB is 9.5% of your fortnightly benefit paid into your Triple S account.

3 IP benefits cease once your employment terminates for any reason.


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