Take an interest in how your super is invested.

So you’ve looked into your investment options and you may have consulted a professional financial adviser and you’re ready to switch your investment options.

As a Triple S member you have a number of options for how your super is invested, including investing your super across any number of the eight available investment options. See the Investment fact sheet to find out more.

To switch your investment option(s), you will need to either:

  • log into our online member portal, or
  • download and complete the Investment Choice form. You'll need to return the form to Super SA by mail, fax or in person. Remember to sign it too.

You can also nominate different combinations of investment options for your current account balance and your future contributions.

Switching timeframes

A request to switch your current account balance that is received before 5pm on a business day will generally be processed on the third business day following the date of receipt.

Check the Super SA website for any variation to this.

A switch made to future contributions will take effect from the time it is processed.

The unit price applied to a switch will represent the market value of an investment option calculated after the published deadline for the receipt of Investment Choice forms.

Here are some important things you need to know:

  • Triple S members can switch investment options at any time. You get one free switch per financial year and every time after that will cost you a $20 fee, deducted from your account.
  • No switch fee applies for redirecting your future contributions.
  • When you make a switch, all your units are sold and the money is then used to purchase units in the new option or options. The quantity and value of your units is not transferred between options.
  • In the event of a significant variation in the value of the fund, the Chief Executive may freeze administration processing of benefit entitlements and switches until such time as the Board determines an appropriate course of action. The new unit price is to operate with effect from midnight of the day before the freeze was invoked.