Moving on

If you resign from the SA public sector before age 55 (50 for police officers) you have the following options for your account:

You can either:

You may also claim your super if you held a temporary resident visa and have permanently left Australia.

Further information on your resignation options can be found in the Triple S PDS available below.

It’s important you're aware that your Co-contribution Account and any part of your Rollover Account that was subject to preservation before it was rolled into Triple S will still be subject to Commonwealth Government preservation rules. This means that, depending on your age and circumstances, you may have to wait longer to access this portion of your entitlement.

If you choose to preserve your super in Triple S, it will remain preserved until you claim your entitlement. At age 55, you can claim your Triple S preserved entitlement, however access to any amounts subject to Commonwealth Government preservation rules remains governed by those rules.

You should complete an Application for Payment of Entitlement form within 3 months of resignation to inform Super SA of your decision.

Regardless of your age or when you resign, your preserved entitlement can be rolled over into a complying super fund, like the Super SA Flexible Rollover Product, at any time.

Use the Triple S Benefit Projector to estimate your potential resignation entitlement.

You should also consider getting some professional financial advice to help you make decisions right for your circumstances.