Spouse Members

Spouse Account

As an SA Ambulance Service Superannuation Scheme member, you can make contributions to the Scheme on behalf of your spouse.

There is no limit to the amount you can contribute into your spouse’s account but your spouse cannot make their own contributions.

Once your partner’s account has been established it can receive:

  • contributions split from your account
  • after-tax contributions made by you
  • one-off contributions made by you
  • super amounts rolled into the Scheme from your spouse’s other super funds.

How can I claim a tax rebate?

You may be able to claim a tax rebate on the contributions you’ve made to the Scheme on behalf of your spouse. 

The tax rebate applies to the first $3,000 you contribute each year. The maximum rebate you can get is $540. To be eligible for this, your spouse must be earning less than $10,800. A reduced rebate is available if your spouse earns less than $13,800 a year).

The Annual Statement we send you after 30 June will report all the contributions you’ve made into your spouse’s account. You can use this to prepare your annual tax return, and if eligible, claim the tax offset on the contributions.

What happens if I leave the Scheme?

If you leave the Scheme, your spouse will need to decide what they’d like to do with their account.

They cannot leave it in the scheme but they can elect to roll it over to a complying super fund. Any non-preserved super can be paid in cash subject to the Commonwealth preservation rules.