Sector and regional exposures

Sector and regional exposures

Super SA's Capital Defensive, Conservative, Moderate, Balanced, Growth* and High Growth options have allocations to Australian and international equities.

The tables below list the sector and regional exposures of the Australian and international equity portfolios.

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Please note that due to rounding, the sum of the individual numbers within the tables may not equal the total quoted.

Top sectors as at 31 December 2022

  • Portfolio
    Sector % of portfolio
    Communication Services 6.8
    Consumer Discretionary 10.5
    Consumer Staples 5.7
    Energy 4.2
    Financials 22.0
    Health Care 11.2
    Industrials 7.2
    Information Technology 5.3
    Materials 19.0
    Real Estate 5.3
    Utilities 1.1
    Other 1.7
    Total 100.0
  • Portfolio
    Sector % of portfolio
    Communication Services 10.0
    Consumer Discretionary 13.3
    Consumer Staples 6.2
    Energy 2.9
    Financials 14.7
    Health Care 15.9
    Industrials 10.7
    Information Technology 17.5
    Materials 4.5
    Real Estate 1.0
    Utilities 0.3
    Other 3.0
    Total 100.0
  • Portfolio
    Sector % of portfolio
    Emerging Markets 13.7
    Europe 25.0
    North America 57.3
    Other 0.2
    Total 100.0
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