Click on the Staff Values below to reveal what they mean to Super SA:



I will:

  • treat others in the same way that I expect to be treated.
  • give credit where credit is due.
  • say "hello", "please", "thank you" and "well done"
  • talk to people whenever I can, don’t just email them.
  • communicate in a polite, trusting and genuine manner with everyone regardless of their level of seniority or job function.
  • take pride in my own abilities and experience and I will value and understand the contribution I make to the overall operation and success of Super SA.
  • value and respect the contribution that each of my colleagues make to the overall operation and success of Super SA.
  • encourage and provide open honest and constructive feedback – both positive and developmental.
  • be empathic, helpful and efficient when communicating with members to achieve positive outcomes.
  • embrace differences and diversity in the workplace.


I will:

  • "go the extra mile" in dealing with member and internal staff enquiries.
  • perform all tasks reasonably requested of me and help others if I have the capacity to do so.
  • commit to achieving positive outcomes for members, or where not possible, I will ensure that the member understands the reasons for the outcome provided to them.


I will:

  • mean what I say and say what I mean.
  • abstain from initiating and participating in gossip.
  • explain the reasoning and thought processes behind my decisions.
  • make decisions in a fair, consistent and constructive manner.
  • take the time to educate others in my area of expertise to facilitate learning.
  • consult with others prior to making key decisions impacting on them.
  • communicate, explain and or train regarding key decisions in person with impacted people prior to implementation.


I will:

  • focus on the positives and the things I can control and not on the negatives or the things I can't control.
  • provide recognition and acknowledgement to my colleagues, when appropriate.
  • always look for ways to improve the way I behave and the way we operate.
  • work with my manager to link my personal work to the overall Vision for Super SA.
  • proactively communicate my career aspirations within Super SA with others.


I will:

  • focus on providing a high level of both internal and external customer service.
  • ensure that "no" is not my default answer to a question posed by a colleague or member and be conducive to new ideas and suggestions.
  • promote internal career professional development and relevant study opportunities to employees of Super SA.
  • take the time to read management reports and updates detailing the progress and results of Super SA.


I will:

  • lead by example at all times.
  • try and find solutions when I find a problem.
  • take ownership of my career development.
  • take accountability for my own actions and behaviour in the workplace.
  • call out inappropriate behaviour and raise it with the appropriate person.
  • treat others with trust, respect and proactively delegate decision-making, when appropriate.
  • plan for the future and recruit with a succession plan in mind.
  • set clear expectations and objectives and provide guidance and support to my team.