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Income Stream Scheme

If you’re approaching or have reached your Commonwealth Government preservation, you may have considered how you’ll access your super. After all, you’ve worked hard for your super, your entire life.

Rolling over your super into an income stream, like the Super SA Income Stream, could be a great option.

Receive a regular income

Decide how much and how often you receive money so you can pay for the things that make life comfortable.1

Access lump sums

Withdraw money as lump sums when it suits you1. Cover your holidays or even unexpected costs. You have more choice and control over how you enjoy the fruits of your labour.

With the Super SA Income Stream you may be able to

• Save on tax - If you’re over the age of 60, all your investment earnings (and payments) are tax free.

• Create an account for your spouse⁴- So your spouse can also receive the benefits of an income stream.

An Income Stream could give you greater control of your finances, manage cash flow and plan further ahead.

It may help you move towards and embrace your future — with greater confidence.

Where an Income Stream fits into the bigger picture


Early Access to Super (EATS)

You’re still working but you’re getting ready for your next phase of life. Access EATS for more information here


Receiving a regular income after you stop working

Receive regular payments or withdraw lump sums with an Income Stream.1

Awards and Ratings

Superratings-Gold_800x240.pngSuper SA's Income Stream has been awarded SuperRatings' gold rating. It is recognised as  a "good value for money" product with lower than average fees and flexibility, while offering member education.3
Super-2021-5-apples_800x300V1.pngThe Income Stream has also received the highest rating of 5 Apples from Chant West.
This rating recognises quality super funds based industry best practice in areas such as organisational strengths, investments, fees, administration and member services.2
  • It’s up to you. You can choose from these options —

    • Fortnightly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Half-yearly
    • Annually
  • As members serving members, we aim to keep our fees low so you may be able to benefit as much as possible over the long run.

    Unit Prices1.jpg
    Administration fees and costs

    0.15% of your account balance (minimum $70.20 p.a. to a maximum of $375 p.a.)


    Investment fees and costs


    Online calculator.jpg
    Transaction costs

    The above fees and costs are for the balanced investment option.
    For a complete overview of fees and charges, please see our Product Disclosure Statement. 
  • The Income Stream Scheme offers a range of investment options. Each option is designed to achieve different investment objectives putting you in control. You can choose either one or a combination of investment options for your Income Stream.

    Click here to learn more about Investment Performance.

    • Have a minimum of $30,000
    • Be a current Super SA member or investor (active or preserved) or be a spouse of a Super SA member
    • Or be a current member or have received an entitlement from an SA public sector super scheme in the last 12 months
  • Date of Birth      


    Preservation Age (Years)


    Before 1 July 1960




    1 July 1960 – 30 June 1961




    1 July 1961 – 30 June 1962




    1 July 1962 – 30 June 1963




    1 July 1963 – 30 June 1964




    From 1 July 1964




You don’t need to stop working to have an Income Stream

If you've reached your Commonwealth Government preservation age but want to keep working, you can still invest in an Income Stream. By doing so, you’ll be able to access your super earlier, potentially reduce your taxes and could save more1. Transitioning to a phase where you can get active living your best life will be much smoother and easier.

    • You won’t need to reduce your working hours to start accessing super from your Income Stream.
    • By choosing to salary sacrifice back into your super account while still working, you could save more for your future.
  • To rollover a portion of your benefit to an Income Stream

    • You’ll need to enter into an agreement with your employer to reduce your working hours.
    • Or alter your employment that results in a reduction to your salary.

For more information watch these videos


Some frequently asked questions about Income Stream

  • As a Triple S scheme member, your employer contributions, salary sacrifice and investment earnings have not been taxed.

    This untaxed amount will be taxed at 15% when you roll it over into an taxed super fund, including an Income Stream account.

    If you would like to discuss this in detail, feel free to get in touch with a financial adviser.

  • If you’re under 60, payments from your Income Stream may be treated as regular income and may be subject to income tax with a 15% rebate applied. A percentage of your income may also be tax free.

    If you would like more information about how this works, feel free to get in touch with a financial adviser.

  • A Super SA Income Stream account can be opened with funds rolled over from a complying fund if 

    • You’ve received an entitlement from a Super SA scheme in the last 12 months OR
    • You’re still a member of a SA public sector fund.
    • Or left Super SA within the last 12 months

    If you would like to learn more about Super SA’s Income Stream product, sign up for a webinar now.

  • Once an Income Stream account has been opened, you can’t contribute or transfer more money into it without closing it and recommencing it as described below. Alternatively you can open a second Income Stream account.

    Further funds can be transferred in from other super (or income stream) accounts or extra savings added (terms and conditions apply) by making contributions into a super fund, such as the Flexible Rollover Product - before consolidating and recommencing a new Income Stream account.

    If you’re not sure what to do, please get in touch with a financial adviser.

  • Yes, the minimum opening balance for a Super SA Income Stream is $30,000. If you would like to open a second Super SA Income Stream account at the same time, the minimum opening balance requirement is $10,000.

    If you’re considering multiple income streams, we highly recommend speaking to a financial adviser. Feel free to get in touch with a financial adviser today.

Ready to apply for an Income Stream now?

Please read the Super SA Income Stream PDS to ensure the product is appropriate to your personal circumstances.
Just fill in the “Application to Purchase” form found at the back of the Super SA Income Stream PDS along with any other applicable documents.
Then send them back to us.

If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 369 315 or email us.

1 Preservation rules, minimum and maximum drawdown limits may apply. Tax maybe payable on withdrawal. Refer to the Income Stream Product Disclosure Statement for further information.  
2 The scores used by Chant West to derive the ratings are subjective scores that have been awarded based on data (including historical financial performance information) supplied by third parties. While such information is believed to be accurate, Chant West does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracy in such data. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The Chant West rating does not constitute financial product advice. However to the extent that the information may be considered to be general financial product advice then Chant West warns that: (a) Chant West has not considered any individual's objectives, financial situation or particular needs; and (b) individuals need to consider whether the advice is appropriate in light of their goals, objectives and current situation.
3 SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. Go to for details of its ratings criteria.
4 Subject to eligibility.


The information shown on this website is general information only. We haven’t considered your needs or objectives when providing the information. You should assess your own financial situation and needs and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before deciding about products on this website.

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