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Remember: For members of Triple S, Flexible Rollover Product, Super SA Income Stream and Super SA Select who are accessing the online member portal for the first time, please click on the ‘Register’ button below.

On 7 May 2018, Super SA launched our new administration system.

Due to the longer processing times, call volumes are still higher than usual, which is preventing some calls getting through to our team.

We are processing income payments, post retirement payments and cash withdrawal applications first to ensure these are actioned as a priority.

As part of the implementation we needed to migrate our own legacy internal administrative systems. There were four legacy systems we needed to shutdown to migrate onto a single integrated system that would provide improved account access to both our members and our staff.

Migration of data to the new system took two weeks, during which time we were unable to process payments. Together with a number of technical issues after implementation, this has led to a backlog in processing of payments. We are also experiencing issues for members logging into the member portal. These issues have resulted in a significantly higher number of incoming member contacts and calls to our contact centre.

While most of the issues have been rectified there are some members still having problems. We continue to work with those members to identify their specific issue and fix it.

Each day we are making inroads into the backlog. We are processing payment applications as a priority to other administrative work. However, we anticipate it may take up to eight weeks to clear the significant backlog.

The new portal is already providing the majority of our members with improved visibility, access and control of their Super SA accounts. Member feedback has been very positive about the new self-service options now available to them.

I personally want to apologise to all our members for the impact this upgrade has caused. I promise you we are doing all we can to minimise the ongoing impact as much as possible. Our staff will continue to work overtime so that we can get through the backlog of payment applications as quickly as possible. We’ve also pulled staff from other areas of our business to assist our Member Services team to get your correspondence attended to quicker.

  • For any member with an urgent payment application please call our service centre on 1300 369 315.
  • For any member with a non-urgent matter (e.g. internal payments or funds transfers) can you please email us on We will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can. 

This will allow us to action urgent requests first and clear the backlog faster. 

If you’re new to the member portal, follow carefully the step-by-step instructions and the short video available on our website,

Please note: Members of defined benefit schemes, such as Pension and Lump Sum Schemes, do not yet have access to the new member portal, and your defined benefit insurance remains unchanged and are not impacted by this upgrade. 

Again, I sincerely apologise and thank our members for your patience and understanding. When these final issues are resolved I am confident you will all enjoy the improved services our new systems will provide to you, our members.

Dascia Bennett
Chief Executive

25 June 2018