Growth investment option closed to members and investors

Last year Super SA communicated to members in the Triple S, Flexible Rollover Product (FRP), Super SA Income Stream and the Lump Sum Scheme about the closure of the Growth investment option.

After the 25 January 2021, the Growth investment option will no longer be available. If your funds are still invested in the Growth option on the 25 January, it will be automatically switched into the High Growth investment option on 3 February 2021.

In addition, in the case of Triple S and FRP accounts, any portion of future contributions being allocated to the Growth option will be redirected to the High Growth option.

In the case of Super SA Income Stream accounts, draw downs being deducted from the Growth option will be deducted from the High Growth option.

For Lump Sum Scheme members, investments in the Growth option will be switched into the Balanced investment option.

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