Flexible Rollover Product (FRP)

Flexible Rollover Product (FRP)

Super SA’s Flexible Rollover Product (FRP) is a taxed scheme.

FRP is useful for your clients who have left the public service and would like to continue their insurance. It is also useful for your clients who would like to make partial withdrawals from their super (conditions apply).

  • As a taxed scheme, Super SA FRP offers your clients ways of growing super that are unavailable to Super SA’s other tax deferred options.

    Super SA FRP, gives your clients access to —

    Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset (LISTO)

    The LISTO is available to those earning less than 37K each financial year. It sees the Commonwealth Government refund up to a maximum of $500 of the tax deducted on concessional contributions made to Super SA Select throughout the year.

    First Home Super Saver (FHSS) Scheme

    The FHSS Scheme becomes available to help your clients boost their savings for their first home by letting them build their home deposit within Super SA FRP.

  • The Government Co-Contribution scheme rewards your clients with a contribution of up to $500 if they make a voluntary after-tax contribution.
  • If your clients are currently members of Triple S Scheme or Super SA Select, they can invest in the Super SA FRP.

    Others are also eligible to invest in Super SA FRP if they have —

    • Received an entitlement from a Super SA scheme in the last 12 months or
    • Are a spouse of a current Super SA member, and
    • Have at least $1,500 to contribute or roll in from another superannuation account.
  • FRP is a great way for your clients to continue investing their money at low cost, while still having access to some of it or even all of it, at any time.

    Your clients can make lump sum withdrawals that are $1000 or more from their FRP accounts (subject to Commonwealth Government preservation rules).

  • Depending on their age and preservation status, your clients may be able to rollover their funds from Triple S to FRP. From there, they pay 15% tax, then withdraw their funds (subject to preservation rules) without incurring the Medicare levy.
  • If your clients have super invested across multiple different funds, they can combine funds together within FRP prior to opening a Super SA Income Stream account.
  • Insurance benefits can include continuation of Total & Permanent Disablement and/or Death Insurance within 60 days of leaving employment with the South Australian Government. Income Protection insurance is not available in FRP.

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