Financial planning

Financial planning

Financial planning isn’t only about managing investments and making money. It’s about assessing your financial situation, understanding what your financial goals are and helping put together a plan to get you there.

More than anything else, financial planning can assist you to live your very best life.

The advice you may receive from a financial planner can be about simple things such as how to choose which investment options are most suited to you or what you should be contributing to your super. A financial planner may also get you thinking about what your insurance needs should be to protect you and your family should something unexpected happen.

A financial planner can also help with far more complicated financial situations such as estate planning, family break ups and trusts.

Financial planning is for everyone. Whether you’ve just started your career or are ready to stop working, have minimal wealth or a lot, it’s never too early or late to seek financial advice.

With a financial plan you can:


Improve your financial position

With the right financial advice, you may eventually achieve your financial goals.
100X100_large_Grow your super-01.svg

Move towards being
financially secure

A robust financial plan can put you on the path towards feeling more confident about your financial position and decisions.

Live the life you’ve always

By following through on a financial plan, the likelihood of obtaining your financial goals is so much greater.

And in turn, you may:

Unit Prices.svgAchieve greater confidence in your financial choices

With the education and tools provided by a financial planner, you may feel more confident making your next purchase. And if not, you’ll have someone to lean on for advice.

100X100_large_Consolidate-16.svgHave more control over your finances

A financial planner can educate and give you more tools to get control of what may have felt uncontrollable.

Book a visit 2.svgSave time and

With the help of a professional, you won’t need to plan and manage your financial affairs all by yourself anymore.

Post Tax Super Contribution.svgWorry and
stress less

Financial stress is one of the top causes of stress in Australia.

By sorting your finances and getting financial advice you could reduce your stress and improve your general health.

Did you know?

In 2011, the Financial Services Council (FSC) estimated that individuals who sought help with financial planning were better off between $29,000 and $91,000 at the point of retirement.

Source: Rice Warner’s Future of Advice (6th August, 2020)

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