Making a claim

Making a claim for a Total and Permanent Disablement Benefit

We know it’s tough to think about, but we are here to help you prepare for the unexpected.

If you meet the eligibility criteria to receive a Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) benefit you will receive a lump sum equal to  the value of your Triple S account balance, and the value of your insurance (subject to eligibility).

Please speak to us before you leave your employment.

To make a claim, you must:

  • Be under age 701
  • Provide details of your condition, and
  • Provide a medical report completed by your treating Medical Practitioner and a Specialist Medical Practitioner, and
  • Lodge your claim with two years of commencement of the incapacity.

If you have already left work because of your incapacity, a benefit may still be considered, but you will need to prove that your employment ended as a direct result of the incapacity.
In addition, you must be incapacitated for all kinds of work for at least six months after ceasing employment and make your claim within two years of ceasing employment.

If your employment has already been terminated on the grounds of TPD

Please email or call us on 1300 369 315 to obtain a copy of ‘Making a TPD Claim’ kit.

  • If you are suffering from terminal illness, and it is likely to result in your death in the next 24 months, your TPD Insurance may be paid.

    To make a claim, you must:

    • Be under age 701
    • Provide two medical reports, one completed by your Medical Practitioner and another by your Specialist Medical Practitioner, and
    • Satisfy the Super SA board that you have a terminal illness.

    It is important you are aware that if you receive a terminal illness benefit, your Legal Personal Representative LPR, spouse or estate will not be able to claim an insurance benefit in the event of your death.

    Terminal illness benefits may be paid even if you don’t have insurance (equal to the sum of your Triple S account) within your account. The benefit may also be paid subject to a claim being approved without you terminating your employment.

    • When you no longer work within the SA public sector
    • If you had a medical condition that existed at the time you joined Triple S, and you have been working in the public sector less than six months2
    • Where a claim arises from suicide within the first 12 months after the commencement or increase in the level of cover
    • If you were formerly in the Lump Sum Scheme and Pension Scheme, but later became part of Triple S without ceasing employment, you won’t be covered for any medical condition on TPD Insurance, including terminal illness, for 24 months from the date your Triple S membership commenced.
1 Or under 65 in the Fixed (closed) Insurance Death and TPD Product.
2 Once you have completed six months of active work, you will only be covered for all medical conditions on the default units of cover you received on joining, including pre-existing medical conditions. Conditions may apply to any additional units.

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