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Please note: our calculators are currently being updated for the 2019/20 financial year. Updated calculators will be available soon.


Projection calculator

Want to know how much super you’ll have at retirement - and how making personal contributions may make a difference to your retirement balance? Simply move the sliders to trial various scenarios and watch the numbers change. Factor in how much regular retirement income you want and see how long it may last. You can also include your spouse, the age pension and altering your investment option.

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For Triple S, Super SA Select, Flexible Rollover Product members


Personal Super Contributions Calculator

Find the most tax-effective way to boost your super. Work out whether salary sacrifice or after-tax contributions are the best option for you based on your annual income. You’ll also see how much you could boost your super by age 65.

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For Triple S and Super SA Select members


Insurance Cover Estimator

Have you got the right level of insurance to cover your needs should the unexpected happen? Find out how much insurance you need as well the options available through Triple S. Triple S offers low-cost insurance and your insurance premiums are deducted from your super account, so you don’t need to allow for the cost in your weekly budget.

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What type of investor am I?

Finding out your risk profile with the “What type of investor am I?” calculator will help you determine which investment option is right for you. Your profile comes with an explanation and you can keep it as a reference.

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Super SA Income Stream

See how your super can be converted into a regular income when you reach your Commonwealth Government preservation age using an income stream. Move the sliders to trial various scenarios and watch the numbers change. You'll also find out how long your super may last and you can add your partner's details to the calculation and include the Centrelink Age Pension.


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ATO Super Co-Contributions Calculator

Want free money from the government? Find out how much you could receive from the Commonwealth Government’s Co-Contribution Scheme. The Scheme aims to boost the super of low to medium income earners.

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