Our seminars and webinars cover all aspect of super and Super SA’s products. They are available on line and can be held in the CBD, suburban and regional locations (COVID-safe practices apply).

Seminars are free and each one targets members at a different stage on their super journey.


What seminars and webinars are available?

Click on the below for a description, list of topics covered and applicable schemes/age group.



Not sure how super works?

Learn how to put your super to work to get the best outcomes for your future. Get tips from our team who will talk you through what it means to be a Triple S member. This session is ideal for members who are new to Super SA (or would like a refresher) and want to understand:


  • Benefits of consolidating super

  • The ins and outs of insurance, investment options and contributions

  • Tax advantages and government incentives

  • Super 101

Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for: Triple S and Super SA Select members

Early Access to Super (EATS) 

Overview: Find out your super options once you reach your Commonwealth Government preservation age. This session explains why super is a tax-effective strategy – while you’re working and when you retire. You’ll find out how you can use your super to reduce your working hours as well as how to integrate salary sacrifice into an EATS arrangement to boost your super.

Topics covered:

  • Transition to retirement options from Commonwealth preservation age
  • Reducing your hours while accessing your super with an income stream
  • Tax advantages of salary sacrificing while using an income stream.

Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for: Members approaching or over Commonwealth preservation age

My Retirement 

Overview: The session is for you if you want to do some forward planning. It provides a broad understanding of what retirement entails as well as strategies to boost your balance. It is recommended that members attend this session prior to attending the Post Retirement Products seminar.

Topics covered

  • How much you will need to retire
  • Your possible Centrelink entitlements
  • Estate planning

A financial planner also presents at this session discussing how you can get in the best financial shape for retirement.

Duration: 120 minutes
Suitable for: Members anywhere from five or 10 years away from retirement.

Post Retirement Products 

Overview: Put your super to work before and after you retire! This session explains how an income stream works and the differences between each of Super SA’s award-winning products, Super SA’s Income Stream and Flexible Rollover Product. Both products have received a “Gold” rating from independent researcher SuperRatings. In addition, the Income Stream received the “5 Apples” rating from financial research firm Chant West.

Topics covered

  • Discussion of each product’s features
  • How income streams work
  • Exiting the public service and insurance

Duration: 90 minutes
Suitable for: Members who have attended a “My Retirement” session or "Early Access to Super" session, members considering leaving the public sector, and current Super SA Income Stream investors who simply want a refresher.

Targeted Voluntary Separation Package (TVSP) 

Overview: If you are considering or have been offered a TVSP, there are a range of options available for your super entitlement, depending on your age. It is recommended that you attend this session soon after being offered a TVSP as it provides important information regarding this important decision.

Topics covered:

Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for: Members offered a TVSP


Super SA Member Education Team


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Who presents Super SA's seminars and webinars?

  • All of Super SA’s seminar and webinars are presented by the experienced, highly trained and qualified Member Education Team.

Who should go to a seminar or a webinar?

  • Super is explained in way that’s simple and makes sense.
  • Get answers to your questions - and answers to questions you’ve never even considered
  • Take action with your super then - staff are on hand to assist with forms.


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