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If you qualify for the Commonwealth Government co-contribution it could help grow your super even faster.

The co-contribution scheme rewards you for personally contributing to your super after tax by offering to match a percentage of your contribution.

If your total income is less than $52,697 in a financial year and you make after-tax contributions to your super in the same year, the Commonwealth Government will contribute up to $0.50 for every $1.00 you contribute, to a maximum of $500.

To be eligible for a co-contribution you must:

  • be less than 71 years old
  • make at least one personal after-tax contribution to your super by 30 June each year
  • earn less than $52,697 in that financial year
  • have at least 10% of your total assessable income and reportable fringe benefits

    attributable to eligible employment (as determined by the Tax Office)

  • not hold an eligible temporary resident visa at any time during the year and
  • lodge an Australian income tax return.

To receive the maximum co-contribution of $500 you need to contribute at least $1,000 after tax and earn less than $37,697 a year. The co-contribution you can receive reduces on a sliding scale, and phases out altogether when your income reaches $52,697.

For more information on how to make an after tax contribution visit the Ways to pay web page.

  If your after-tax super contribution is:
  $1,000 $800 $500 $200
If your income is: Your super co-contribution will be:
$37,697 or less $500 $400 $250 $100
$38,697 $467 $400 $250 $100
$40,697 $400 $400 $250 $100
$42,697 $333 $333 $250 $100
$44,697 $267 $267 $250 $100
$46,697 $200 $200 $200 $100
$48,697 $133 $133 $133 $100
$50,697 $67 $67 $67 $67
$52,697 $0 $0 $0 $0

Your co-contribution is calculated by the ATO each year based on your tax return and directly deposited into your Flexible Rollover Product account.