Insurance can help ease the financial burden on you, or your family in case of your illness, injury or death.

As a Flexible Rollover Product investor you can purchase Death Only Insurance or Death & Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance. *

Important information

  • If you invest in the Flexible Rollover Product and make the required insurance election within 60 days of ceasing  employment with the SA government, and you held Triple S insurance cover on the last day you worked, you can continue the same type and level of  Death and TPD insurance in the Super SA Flexible Rollover Product without having to provide further medical information, provided you meet the required age and employment conditions.
  • Super SA is self-insured, which means that Flexible Rollover Product insurance is not-for-profit and entirely member-focused.
  • Use the Insurance Calculator to work out whether you have enough insurance to meet you and your family’s needs should the unexpected happen.
  • Login to the Secure Member Portal to find out how much you’re currently covered for.

Do you have a Spouse Account? Find out about spouse insurance.


* Conditions apply. Please refer to the relevant PDS and insurance fact sheets to learn more.