Why the Flexible Rollover Product?

Investing in Super SA’s award-winning Flexible Rollover Product is a great way to consolidate your super and savings if you're preparing for retirement or leaving the SA public sector. Your money is invested in your choice of one or more of the eight available investment options, which means it has the potential to grow while you’re making decisions about the future.

Whether you choose to purchase a regular income stream such as the Super SA Income Stream, pay for a holiday, or use the account as a source of funds for unexpected expenses, you can be confident that your funds are parked in a tax-effective, low-cost product. What’s more, you have peace of mind knowing that you can access part or all of your money when you need it.1

Anyone who has been a member of a SA public sector super scheme in the last 12 months can invest in the Super SA Flexible Rollover Product and you only need $1,500 to get started.

Other benefits of the Super SA Flexible Rollover Product include:

  • competitive administration fees

  • access to insurance cover

  • the ability to continue your Triple S insurance in the Flexible Rollover Product without additional underwriting2
  • the ability to open a Spouse Account for your partner


1 It’s important you are aware that money you roll into the Super SA Flexible Rollover Product will be subject to Commonwealth preservation rules. This means that, depending on your age and circumstances, you may have to wait longer to access this portion of your super.

2 If you open an FRP acount within 60 days of ceasing SA public sector employment, you can elect to continue your Triple S insurance. Refer to the Insurance and leaving the public sector fact sheet for details.