Switching investments

Take an interest in how your super is invested.

So you’ve looked into your investment options, read the Investment Guide, consulted a professional financial adviser and you’re sure it’s time to switch your investments. What next?

Switching is simple! Just simply log into your member portal!

Please note switching investment usually occurs on the third business day after Super SA receives the request. If you change your mind and wish to stop an investment switch going ahead, you will need to let Super SA know, in writing, by 5pm on the day your switch is lodged, otherwise it will proceed.

Here’s some important things you need to know:

  • Income Stream investors may not switch investment options until seven business days have elapsed from opening their account.
  • Your first switch in any financial year is free. After that, every switch will cost you a $20 fee. There is no fee for redirecting the priority of investment options from which you want to draw down your future income payments.
  • When you make a switch, all your units are sold and the money is then used to purchase units in the new option or options. The quantity and value of your units is not transferred between options.
  • Where a member's election to change investment options results in an advantage to that member to the detriment of the other members of the scheme/product, the Board's delegate may withhold processing of that member's election. Any such action taken by an approved delegate of the Board must be advised to the Board within 24 hours.