Transition to Retirement (TTR) Phase Yearly Rates of Return

Rates of return give you a recent and longer term perspective of how each investment option has performed. It is important to remember that past performance should not be taken as an indication of future performance.

Analyse returns in relation to the performance of the market as a whole to get the big picture.

The following yearly rates of return are only applicable to investors of the Super SA Income Stream in the TTR phase, as part of an Early Access to Super or Transition to Retirement arrangement. 

Yearly rates of return less investment fees to 30 June 2020

Year High Growth Growth Balanced Moderate^ Conservative Capital Defensive Cash Socially Responsible~
2019-20 -1.15% -0.64% -0.45% -0.38% 0.18% 0.74% 0.82% -1.16%
2018-19  7.42% 7.16% 7.01% 6.40% 5.68% 4.81% 1.66% 7.03%
2017-18 10.30% 8.75% 7.68% 6.10% 4.70% 3.16% 1.54% 8.37%

^Option introduced on 1 July 2006
~Option introduced on 1 March 2009.

Please note, these returns may differ from that reported by Funds SA due to differential year end cut off timeframe.