Take an interest in how your super is invested.

So you’ve looked into your investment options and may have even consulted a qualified financial adviser and you’re ready to invest in the option that’s right for you.1

Switching timeframes

Investment switches are generally processed twice weekly as follows:

Form received by:Unit price applied:
5pm MondayUnit price effective the following Thursday
5pm ThursdayUnit price effective the following Tuesday

These times may be varied for operational reasons, such as public holidays. Prior to variations members will be notified via the Super SA website.

The unit price applied to a switch will represent the market value of an investment option calculated after the published deadline for the receipt of Investment Choice forms.

Please note that any change to your investment option may not be reflected in Benefit Quotes performed in the secure member area until Super SA confirms the completion of the switch in writing.


Here’s some important things you need to know:

  • Lump Sum Scheme members can only invest their Member Component in one option at a time
  • You can switch investment options at any time. You get one free switch per financial year, every switch after that will cost you a $20 fee.
  • When you make a switch, all your units are sold and the money is then used to purchase units in the new option. The quantity and value of your units is not transferred between options.
  • In the event of a significant variation in the value of the fund, the General Manager may freeze administration processing of benefit entitlements and switches until such time as the Board determines an appropriate course of action. The new unit price is to operate with effect from midnight of the day before the freeze was invoked.

1 Members with a PSESS account have this component invested in the Growth option. This cannot be changed.