Super SA aims to keep your fees to a minimum

Administration and investment management fees

The cost of the administration of the Pension Scheme is shared between you and you employer. You pay 30% and your employer pays 70%.

Investment management fees are deducted from the scheme as a whole.

These fees are deducted from your investment earnings before they are deposited in your account, which means you will see a lower investment return, rather than a separate fee deduction.

For more information download the Fees fact sheet.  

What we don’t charge:

  • adviser service fees
  • commissions
  • contributions fees
  • establishment fees
  • expense recoveries
  • issuer fees
  • rollover fees (check with your old fund to find out if they charge)
  • termination fees
  • withdrawal fees

By the way...

If you have super in more than one fund, you could be unnecessarily paying multiple fees. Find out more about consolidating your super into the Pension Scheme and how to track down any lost super.