Total and Permanent Disablement claims

How to claim:

As a Pension Scheme member you’ll receive a fortnightly pension in the event that you sustain a 60% or more permanent incapacity for all types of work.

The Super SA Board must approve your claim before it is paid so you shouldn’t resign or accept termination on account of disablement before applying for your entitlement. Your employer must also satisfy the Super SA Board that there is no other position available within 80% of your former salary that you could be reasonably expected to fill.

To make a claim you must:

  • under 60
  • provide details of your condition
  • provide a medical report completed by your doctor.

Once we’ve received your claim form, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete the claims process. The time taken to assess your claim depends on the condition/s you have and the information that is available.
Super SA will let you know of the progress of your claim along the way.