Superannuants are former SA Public Sector employees who are in receipt of a pension from the Pension Scheme, or former members of other Super SA administered schemes, who have rolled their funds into the Super SA Income Stream.

Pension Scheme membership

At 31 March 2020, the Pension Scheme had 14,598 members, comprising:

 Category Number 
 Contributory members 172 
 Preserved members 183
 Superannuants 14,243
 Total 14,598

Pension Scheme CPI increase - how is it calculated?

Pension increases in the Pension Scheme are based on the movement in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides the official adjustment figures by measuring inflation over a period of time. When the figures are released by the ABS, Super SA uses the All Groups Index for Adelaide to determine what adjustments need to be made.

How often do they take place?

CPI adjustments are made twice a year, retrospectively and adjusted on the first payment days in April and October. If you have been receiving a pension for less than six months, a proportion of the percentage adjustment will be applied.

What's the latest increase?

From 1 April 2019 the CPI adjustment for your pension will be 0.8% which reflects the CPI movement for the period June 2018 quarter to December 2018 quarter.


Important dates

April 2021 CPI adjustments and half yearly income statement
July 2021 PAYG payment summary
October 2021 CPI adjustments and half yearly income statement and confirmation of entitlements form1

1The confirmation of entitlements letter is mailed to Superannuants living outside South Australia 


Income Stream

A tax-effective post retirement product where you can access your super as a regular income as you head into retirement the Super SA Income Stream is a great option for you. It’s a cost effective product only available to Super SA members and spouses.

So if you’re close to retirement and you:

  • want to keep your money invested in a tax effective super environment
  • want to use your super as a regular income
  • and don’t want to withdraw your super as a lump sum

then the Super SA Income Stream may be a good option for you!

You can find more information about the Income Stream, including how the Income Stream could work for you as a Transition to Retirement or as an Income in Retirement.


SA Superannuants

SA Superannuants is an association of public sector retirees/employees providing representation and advocacy for members of the SA Public Sector superannuation schemes.

Eligibility for membership

For many years membership of the Association was restricted to members of the Pension Scheme but has, in recent years, been opened up to members of other SA Public Sector schemes. The Association speaks for all its members, those retired and those still at work.

Anyone receiving, or eligible to receive, a lifetime pension from the Pension Scheme, or members of other SA Public Sector superannuation schemes can join the Association.


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