Yearly rates of returns

Most Pension Scheme members qualify for a CPI indexed fortnightly income for life, which is determined independently of the rates of return achieved by the Scheme. The rates of return are relevant only if you take your entitlement before you qualify for a fortnightly income.

The return credited to the Pension Scheme is based on the earnings achieved by Funds SA, the Scheme’s investment manager.

Rates of return for the last ten years:

Year Rate of return
2019/20 -1.16%
2018/19 8.23%
2017/18 11.66%
2016/17 12.53%
2015/16 3.80%
2014/15 10.02%
2013/14 14.90%
2012/13 16.45%
2011/12 1.99%
2010/11 11.44%
2009/10 12.21%
2008/09 -17.51%
2007/08 -11.17%
2006/07 19.47%
2005/06 19.75%

Due to the ongoing volatility of the financial markets, there may be relatively large variations in rates of return each year as seen above.

It’s important you are aware that the Pension Scheme is an untaxed scheme, which means returns are reported without taking tax into account. Most other funds are taxed funds and report their investment earnings after tax. You should always consider the impact of tax on returns when comparing Pension Scheme returns with that of other funds.

Pension Scheme returns are reported less investment fees.