Super SA Select gives members with an adjusted taxable income of $37,000 or less the option of accessing the Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset (LISTO), a payment from the Commonwealth Government designed to help low income earners save for their retirement.


Consider your situation

Below are two tables to help you compare Super SA Select with Triple S. For the full picture you should read the Product Disclosure Statement.


Table 1 Comparison of Super SA Select and Triple S features

  Super SA Select Triple S
LISTO eligibility Yes1 No
Investment options

Two available options

Seven available options

Personal contributions Yes - after tax/salary sacrifice Yes - after tax/salary sacrifice
Concessional contribution caps1

Yes - capped at $27,500 pa

No, however contributions made to Triple S also count towards the cap if contributions are made to a taxed fund (such as Super SA Select)
Insurance Members maintain insurance through Triple S

Income Protection

Death and Total & Permanent Disablement


Subject to Commonwealth Preservation rules: able to access super from 55 to 60 depending on year of birth and permanently ceasing employment.

For more details go to the Super SA Select Reference Guide

Apart from rollovers, not subject to Commonwealth Preservation rules: able to access super from age 55 (subject to applicable tax rates which are determined by your Commonwealth Government preservation age) and ceasing SA public sector employment.

For more details go to the Triple S Reference Gide.

Taxed status

Taxed fund

ie tax is deducted from concessional super contributions and investment earnings upon receipt.

Some tax may be payable on exit2.

Tax deferred scheme

ie tax is deducted on exit2.

1 Low Income Super Tax Offset (LISTO) remains at a maximum of $500 per year.

2 The Commonwealth Government has set certain caps on the annual concessional contributions that can be made into super before additional tax is applied. Exceeding the cap may result in additional tax being payable. The concessional contribution cap is $27,500 each financial year and includes contributions made by your employer and any salary sacrifice contributions.

3 For more information on tax see the Super SA Select Reference Guide and Triple S Reference Guide.



Super SA Select and Triple S are taxed differently. All members pay tax - just at different stages.

Super SA Select is a taxed fund; 15% contributions tax is deducted from concessional super contributions (employer and salary sacrifice contributions) as they are received. Tax of up to to 15% is deducted from investment earnings.


Table 2 Comparison of tax in Super SA Select and Triple S

  Super SA Select and tax Triple S and tax2
Concessional contributions 15% tax on receipt No tax on receipt
Tax on investment earnings Up to 15% tax Tax on withdrawal
Withdrawal at age 60 Tax free3 15% tax on untaxed element & Medicare levy3

2If you roll over your Triple S balance to Super SA Select, 15% contributions tax will be deducted from the untaxed element of the Triple S balance when it is received in Super SA Select.

3For information on tax on withdrawal before age 60 see the Super SA Select Reference Guide and Triple S Reference Guide.


If you join Super SA Select your membership is irrevocable (subject to your cooling off rights) and you will no longer be able to direct employer and member contributions to Triple S. Instead all future employer and member contributions will be directed to Super SA Select. See Super SA Select PDS and the FAQs for full details.