Terminal Illness claims

How to claim:

If you are suffering from a terminal illness that is likely to result in your death in the next 24 months, your Death and TPD Insurance may be paid.

To make a claim you must:

  • be under age 70
  • provide two medical reports from your Medical Practitioner and Specialist Medical Practitioner
  • satisfy the Super SA Board that you have a terminal illness.It's important you are aware that if you receive a Terminal Illness benefit, your legal spouse or Estate will not be able to claim an insurance benefit in the event of your death.\

Once we’ve received your claim, it may take up to three weeks before you know the outcome. If it's likely to take longer than this, Super SA will let you know.

Terminal illness benefits may be paid even if you don't have insurance in your account. The benefit may also be paid subject to a claim being approved without you terminating your employment.