Total and Permanent Disablement claims

How to claim:

If you are permanently injured and unable to work, your Death and TPD benefit you may be eligible to an entitlement equal to the sum of your Triple S account and the total value of your insurance (subject to approval by Super SA).

The Super SA Board must approve the payment of any TPD benefit so don't resign until you have the Board's written approval. Speak to Super SA before you leave your employment.

If you have already left work because of your incapacity, a benefit may still be considered, but you will need to prove that your employment ended as a direct result of incapacity. See the Making a TPD Claim Kit for details.


To make a claim you must:

  • be under age 701
  • provide details of your condition
  • provide a medical report completed by your Medical Practitioner and a Specialist Medical Practitioner.

1 Or under 65 in the Fixed (closed) Insurance Death and TPD Product.

If your employment has already been terminated on the grounds of TPD you must additionally:

  • satisfy the Super SA Board that you have a permanent incapacity that aligns with the scheme’s definition of permanent disablement in the Regulations.
  • be incapacitated for all kinds of work for at least six months after termination and make your claim within two years of termination.


Making a claim

 Should you wish to make an insurance claim we recommend you start by downloading the “TPD - making a claim” kit.

The kit has the information and forms you need to get your claim underway.


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