Salary Sacrifice to Triple S

Triple S salary sacrifice option

You can make additional contributions by salary sacrificing into a Super SA Triple S account.


  • Contributions are not subject to annual contribution caps which means you can contribute as much as you want however,
  • Employer and salary sacrifice contributions paid into taxed super funds are limited to $25,000 per financial year.
  • There is a lifetime limit of $1,565,000 in concessional contributions (employer and salary sacrifice) and earnings that can be obtained for tax purposes in Triple S.
  • If your taxable (untaxed) component is over $1,565,000 the excess will be taxed at the highest marginal rate plus Medicare levy.

Note: If you have super invested in more than one scheme with a taxable (untaxed) component, a separate cap of $1,565,000 applies for each scheme.

Investment choice

  • With Triple S you have investment choice so you are able to choose which investment option best suits your needs.
  • To help work out your risk profile use the “What type of investor am I?” calculator and for more detailed information about the investment options download the Triple S Investment Guide.


Getting started

To start salary sacrificing into Triple S, download and complete a Salary Sacrifice Contributions Through Employer (Non-Executives) form.


Salary sacrifice and the SAAMB Scheme

If you are already making additional salary sacrifice contributions into the SAAMB Scheme you will need to complete a Making additional before-tax contributions form to discontinue this prior to establishing a new salary sacrifice arrangement for Triple S.