Non-contributory members

You’re a non-contributory member if:

  • you’re a casual employee of the SA Ambulance Service, or
  • you work less than 20 hours per week.

As a non-contributory member:

  • your employer must contribute the Superannuation Guarantee of 9.5% of your before-tax salary to your super
  • you're not required to make contributions to the Scheme but you can make additional voluntary contributions from your salary before tax, with the prior approval of your employer, or from your after-tax salary.
  • your retirement entitlement is made up of the total balances of your accounts, and the value may rise or fall depending on the Scheme’s investment returns.

Your Total Account Balance will be paid to you or rolled over into another super fund if:

  • you cease employment with SA Ambulance Service
  • you become totally and permanently disabled
  • you apply for early release of your entitlement
  • you die.

You can nominate who you would like to receive your entitlement should you die. This is known as nominating your beneficiaries.