Standard Contributory Members

Standard Contributory Members

You’re a standard contributory member if:

  • You’re a permanent employee of the SA Ambulance Service, and
  • Your work 20 hours or more per week.

As a standard contributory member:

  • you belong to a "defined benefit" scheme. This means that the employer component of your final entitlement is calculated by using a multiple of your final average salary

You’re required to make regular contributions to your account until the age of 60. You can choose to contribute a set percentage of your salary by either:

  • making contributions from your after-tax salary. If you do this, your regular contribution percentage is 5% of your salary times your Salary Adjustment Factor, or
  • making contributions from your salary before you have paid tax. If you do this, your regular contribution percentage is 5.9% of your salary times your Salary Adjustment Factor.
  • your employer contributes whatever is required to meet your final entitlement when you leave the Scheme and this can vary for each member
  • your employer also contributes 3% of your award salary to the Scheme (3.72% for elective or emergency services employees) and these contributions are deposited in your Award Account. The balance in this account is payable in addition to your standard entitlements.

The rest of your retirement entitlement is made up of the total of your Member, Voluntary and Bonus Accounts.

Making additional voluntary contributions?

You can choose to make additional voluntary contributions by contributing a set percentage of your superannuation salary after tax. This means the money is deducted from your take home pay each fortnight.

And because you’ve already paid tax on this money, it’s not taxed again when you claim your super at retirement.

Salary sacrifice (before tax) contributions

Salary sacrifice means contributing to your super from your before-tax, or gross income. Additional salary sacrifice contributions you choose to make are credited to your Voluntary Account.

Your salary sacrifice contributions are not considered part of your taxable income, which means your Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax may be reduced. However, they will be taken into account when you’re assessed for a range of Commonwealth benefits, including the co-contribution, Age Pension, Family Tax Benefit and Child Support.

Your salary sacrifice contributions will be taxed at the concessional super rate of 15%.


Because your super is intended for your retirement the Commonwealth Government has put special rules into place known as Preservation.

This means that the money in your super account is restricted and it cannot be paid until you meet a condition of release.