Converting Super to Units

When you or your employer make contributions into the SA Ambulance Service Super Scheme, the money is used to purchase units, which are invested in assets to help your super grow.

Units represent a share of the underlying investments in the Scheme’s investment option. Super SA, through Funds SA, purchases units on your behalf at the prevailing unit price.

In the same way, any amounts rolled over from other schemes, will be used to purchase units on your behalf.

Your individual account balances are worked out by multiplying the number of units you hold in each account by the prevailing unit price. A change in unit price reflects the change in the underlying investments.

The buying and selling price of each unit is determined twice weekly by the performance of the investment. You can find out how many units you have by checking your Annual Statement in the secure member area.

If you are a standard contributory member, your defined component makes up most of your super entitlement and this part of your super is not affected by unit prices or investment market performance.