Say YES to online statements!  

Sign up now to receive your Triple S statement online. It's fast, secure and good for the environment.

What do I need to do?

1. Click here to go to Secure Login
2. Sign in or Register
3. Go to My Details and select Online Statements
4. Select Yes in the drop-down box.

What happens next?
From mid-2017 you'll receive an email once your Triple S annual statement is available.

The email will contain a link to download your statement from the Secure Access Login area of the Super SA website. Your annual newsletter will also be ready at the same time.

For all other Super SA schemes/products, your annual statement will continue to be posted to you.


Why choose online statements?

  • You’ll get your Triple S statement earlier. Avoid the snail mail route
  • You’ll have online access to your statement history
  • You’ll have less paperwork to sort through
  • You’ll be doing the environment a favour