Severe Financial Hardship

Severe Financial Hardship

Your superannuation is designed to provide for you in retirement, but we know times can get tough.

If you find yourself in severe financial hardship, you may be eligible to access your super early.

What qualifies as severe financial hardship?

If you haven’t reached age 60 -

  1. You need to be in receipt of Government income support payments for a continuous period of at least 26 weeks; and
  2. You are unable to meet reasonable and immediate family expenses.

OR, if you have reached age 60 -

  1. You need to be in receipt of Government income support payments for a continuous period of 39 weeks after you reached your preservation age; and
  2. You are not gainfully employed on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • You’ll need to complete an application form, and provide the required evidence to support your application.

    And, you can only apply once within a 12 month calendar period.

    Please contact us on (08) 8214 7800 to discuss your eligibility.

    If the application is approved due to severe financial hardship, you will receive a single lump sum payment (gross of tax) of between $1,000 and $10,000 if you are under age 60.

    If you are age 60 or over, there are no caps on the amount you can request.

    • Completed Early Release of Superannuation Benefits on Specified Grounds form
    • Certified copy of Proof of Identity (Please refer to Proof of identify information sheet)
    • Written evidence from Centrelink that you are in receipt of Commonwealth Government income support payments
      • Attach the original copy of the Q230 or Q251 Centrelink letter which must be dated no more than 21 days before the date you lodge your application
      • Contact us to confirm which Commonwealth Income Support Payments are accepted under the Severe Financial Hardship definition.

    If you are under age 60 you will also be required to provide:

    • Copies of evidence to support the application* (ie. utilities, outstanding bills and expenses in your name)
    • Full and current bank statements for the last three months for all accounts in your name and your partner’s name*

    Have more questions? Have a look at these FAQs for answers.

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