Empowering women this International Women’s Day

8 March 2022
Empowering women this International Women’s Day
Empowering women this International Women’s Day

Women retire with up to 23% less super than men1

It’s a fact. One that probably leaves you feeling uneasy or even anxious – regardless of your gender.

That’s why, we’ve made it our mission to help women get financially fit this International Women’s Day. It doesn’t matter what your age is or how much you earn, there are many things you can do now to set you up for the future. 

We all deserve to feel confident that we will be financially secure in retirement.

Super SA supports International Women’s Day this March


Back to basics

Super can be complex, but it’s also one of the most effective ways of saving for your retirement. Let us help you get started:

Confident and in control

In March 2021, Mary and her husband Colin didn’t know just how comfortable retirement could be until they took advantage of the financial planning service available to Super SA members through Industry Fund Services (IFS) and her planner Paul.

The couple engaged IFS as Colin prepared to enter retirement, and that’s when they started taking control of their finances and began planning to maximise their superannuation.

Read the whole story here.


Mary Asikas
Mary Asikas

Find out more at a super webinar for women

Super can be complex. We’ve designed a webinar especially for women covering your financial needs, investment choices, insurance and contributions. We explain what you can do as a Super SA member and your advice options.
To find out more about International Women’s Day, visit International Women's Day 2022.

1 Source: It is documented in the ASFA Pre-Budget Submission for the 2022-23 Budget that the median superannuation balance in June 2019 for those aged 60-64 was around $178,800 for males and $137,050 for females which equates to a retirement savings gap between women and men of 23.4%.
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